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“In the past year I have learned to apply what I was taught. I came straight out of school and started working in an accounting environment. The ICB Accounting programme has helped me relate the theory to the practical environment.”


Jesmine, Tanya, Zeanith and Nancy

“In the past year we all commenced our ICB Accounting studies. The class size is small enough in order for the trainer to communicate directly with all the learners. We have become friends and we motivate each other to keep on trying and to give our best.”


Sharon, Winnie and Semia

“Wilma is such a professional and dedicated trainer. She has a very busy schedule and has been our trainer for most of our accounting subjects. She is patient and loves sharing her industry experience with us. She is inspirational!”



“The ICB Business Management course gives you a broad perspective about the structuring of a business. It teaches and tests your knowledge and skills in Maths, English and Computer literacy. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their understanding of business!”



“I have learnt the importance of team work. I am shy and had to learn to speak up in front of other people. My trainer motivates me and helps me to understand the work. She also shares her personal experiences with us.”


Hedwig and Tiaan

“We met each other at the VCWB and became study buddies. it is inspirational to study with someone with the same goals in life. So by studying at the VCWB we have gained more than new skills and knowledge… we have also made new friends.”



“I am in my second year now and will advance to the third year in 2017. The Accounting course is practical and my trainer Wilma is very professional. The VCWB and Wilma has played an important goal in reaching my goals.”



“I am fortunate that my company sponsors my studies. I am in my second year of studies and the ladies that I study with has become my friends. We study together and we motivate each other when it gets tough and the exams are ahead.”



“I have been studying with the ICB and the VCWB for more than two years now. I enjoy the environment and the class set up is perfect. Our classes are small and the trainer gets an opportunity to interact with all of us. The trainer is always willing to assist me.”



“Thanks to the College I have learned how to properly manage my time between my family and my studies. I have learned how to apply certain aspects of my knowledge to my daily routine at work.
The best of all… Being able to boast about my studies and marks I achieved in exams!”



“My trainer, Nadja is very professional. As part of our Marketing Module we had to do a presentation and the feedback that I got was valuable. The presentation helped me to explain the theory, but also helped me with my public speaking skills.”



“My employer sponsors my studies. I attend the Office Management course and have really gained more than theoretical knowledge. I have learnt how to listen… each trainer has their own way of presenting the classes, and this also helped me at work, to listen better to instructions.”



“I work for an international company and I am grateful for the opportunity that they have granted me to study via the VCWB. I enjoy the classes and the trainers are all professional experts.”



“As a mother I have learnt how to manage my time. I attend class twice a week in the evenings and this makes it possible for me to also spend time with my family and small children during the week.”


Geraldine Muteka

Geraldine Muteka – FACILITATOR:
“I believe that empowerment becomes meaningful when it is translated to ownership and that enabling people to own skills and knowledge is one of the greatest forms of empowerment. The Vocational College Walvis Bay makes that ownership a reality for many people who would not have had the opportunity. I am extremely proud to be associated with the College and to participate in this transfer and realization of ownership.”


Wilma Sauderson

Wilma Sauderson – FACILITATOR:
“My involvement in the college is twofold, I feel a sense of patriotism in terms of adding value to the community of Walvis Bay by means of sharing the knowledge I have gained with others. Being able to teach brings me immense joy and I am privileged in that this gives me an opportunity to help shape someone else’s dream and in turn also contributes towards my personal growth. I think the most important investment you can make is in yourself and through knowledge and continuous learning one will be able to fulfill even the most impossible of dreams. The College has created an accessible platform to allow students to use them as a vehicle to fulfil these dreams, by offering them various diversified courses, that would stand them in good stead for the job market.”