Industrial, Mining or Fishing

All industrial operations are exposed to one or other risk be it in mining, fishing or any other less hazardous operation. Each industrial or mining operation will accept greater or lesser risks depending on their respective economic situations and other related factors.

However, the management of safety/loss control will remain the same no matter what the operation or industry is.

While tasks may differ, the need for task procedures, task observations, incident investigations, planned inspections, proper task instruction, rules, incident analysis and promotion are all essential to the effective and efficient running of the business.

Module Content:

  • History and Philosophy
  • Causes and effects of downgrading incidents
  • Measurement tools
  • Planned Inspections
  • Incident investigations
  • Task analysis and procedures
  • Positive behavior reinforcement
  • Personal communications — Group Communications
  • Property damage and waste control
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Safety promotion
  • Management control

NOSA Training Courses

August to November 2018

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